Monday, January 5, 2009

The Conversation

Once, while walking the desert sands,
I came across this dark man.
Curious, I asked,
“Good to see you around,
Pray, why you trail me,
In this god forsaken land?”
Amazed, he said,
“I thought it the other way round,
You’re trailing my footsteps,
Seeking company in wilderness.”
“Yes I fear the loneliness,
But do not seek togetherness,
Now I feel hunger,
Now I feel thirst,
You are lucky to have no flesh
Neither hunger nor thirst.”
“Strange to say this when hungry.
So what if I do not feel.
Nor the pleasure of flesh,
You enjoy a sumptuous meal!
Yet, I find your words so grave
Logic has a way with you,
Pregnant with deep sense.
Life being an accident.
Your words of wisdom
Weigh heavy on me,
My wit cannot defy you
No such qualms for me though,
Life I owe to the blinding glow
Sailing across the blue above
After all I am nothing,

But your shadow.

* * *

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

loved it..."Shadow" is an abstract concept almost all genius writers/painters have played with...A vaguely mystical realm one can almost smell yet be very scared of on a dark, thick, lonely night. A thousand minds...a thousand interpretations...

Ruchika (btw ur superb niece)