Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Bizarre Dream

[I had this dream early in the morning. Like a montage complete with climax, it was truly bizarre]

It looked like a construction site, a hole dug out under a high hill.  Everywhere scaffolding with littering of construction equipment; a part of the opening under the hill was turned into a big glitzy conference hall where a big crowd was in circulation. In the dream I was drifting along the hall when I met this inscrutable Korean businessman. The fellow looked careless and concerned at the same time; may be deep down something bothering him yet making pretense of no care in the world.  We move around without any visual conversation yet talked inanity and about his business interest. It appeared that he and his American partner imported things from China and sold the stuff everywhere. Somewhere down the road they had some a kind falling out but not quite parting of ways. Their business once successful but now irrevocably dissipating....

We drift along and move out of the hall into raw construction part of site deep under the hill. Some hectic work was going on with scaffolding, cranes, trucks around a tunnel like opening. I asked the Korean fellow what is this all about, he said amiably, the Chinese are constructing an underground motorway across the border. Apparently the Chinese had done their part except this end which was not in their work contract was behind schedule so all the activity to complete and open it to public. I asked, if he had been to China? All over China, he said, in connection with their purchases.

We get back into the hall and to his stall. There he is met with an exotic looking fellow complaining about payments. The Korean promptly opens his briefcase draws a cheque and hands it over to the stranger to his utter surprise. Suddenly there is commotion in the hall the crowd is panicky rushing out of the hall .....
 I too get out to check what the commotion is all about. There at the mouth of tunnel an American is hanging from the scaffolding, explosives strapped all over his body. The fellow was shouting to get the Korean to him. I rushed back to hall but there at the stall Korean was sprawled limp on the table, very dead. I hear shattering sound of explosion. 

I woke up to dark early morning chill. 

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Sting, Deception, Conspiracy, Threats and Palace Intrigue..... The farce that has become Aam Aadmi Party

I knew Kejriwal to be a stubborn, snooty individual but never imagined he would turn out to be a pathological hater. AAP professes to root out corruption from our polity but are means not equally important as ends are, like Gandhi said? The way drama in AAP unfolding it resembles court of Elizabeth; of brewing conspiracies, deceptions, and sting operations almost all means employed in palace politics.

AAP now in every way resembles an oligarchy centered around Kejriwal where all means are fair to not just snuff out opposition but crush it permanently. Not even Mulayam-Mayawati duet comes close. There is striking similarity between AAP and Congress party drama about their Chiefs resigning and the associated coterie rejecting it and the farcical charade of chief reluctantly acceding to it and taking back the resignation....

Up to a point these machinations are acceptable as political means but what is unacceptable is unleashing vendetta on personal basis

Is it beginning of the end may be not but more turbulence just round the corner.