Saturday, June 26, 2010

Murder at Bareilly XII

Chapter 3: Maiku
by Kali Hawa

Young Maiku always looked starved and in constant fear. He had a split personality; one that looked forward to taking risk and one that was fearful of failure, the contradiction always kept him on the edge. Maiku specialized in breaking encrypted codes on the net. He would often hack high security government and bank sites and then fear will overtake him; will quietly move away leaving no footprints. The by products of these adrenalin laced forays gave him some disturbing information which he had not bargained for, leaving him in fear of blurting it out to someone involuntarily therefore kept moving from one job to another. This constant movement did not get him good paying jobs therefore he was always short of money. Every now and then he would stay in Bareilly cooling his heels until next round of jeopardy brings misery to him. The other largely unknown characteristic of Maiku was his fear of the occult. He relied on, as well as feared tantra-mantra. The strange thing was his masochistic obsession for macabre objects relating to dark rituals, which he valued and also feared. His gullibility in such matters was phenomenal. Before coming to Bareilly he had met a tantric in Bangluru who had prophesied a large sum coming his way, the only lacunae was something brutal, gored and bloodied blocked the passage to it. This time his visit to Bareilly was tense, jittery and extremely edgy; burdened with a knowledge he did not seek and was unable to cope with ……….

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