Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I now realize that taking you own belief of being an atheist to extreme is also a kind of fundamentalism. It is alright to be agnostic but it is also all right for others to be faithful. In this context I saw the Stephen Hawking’s program tackling the fundamental question, ‘Is there a God?’ with keen interest.

The logic he followed was simple; he attacked the most essential attribute of God i.e. creation of Universe. He pronounced emphatically, there is no God, no one, not God could have been responsible for the creation of Universe. Now every scientist agrees that the Universe came into being with the mother of all bangs, the Big Bang. Our journey after the Big Bang, i.e. formation of Stars, Galaxies etc is pretty much accurately mapped and there is hardly any disagreement on that. We know we exist in time and space both these attributes began with the big bang. The Space was shrunk to the confines of a point and Time was frozen. Think of it this way, the gravity puts break on drift of time and it is not only a proven fact but we even acknowledge it by making suitable correction in satellite clocks circling earth else entire GPS system will go haywire. The time on earth’s surface is slower than it is at the level of satellites even if it is a few nanoseconds in a year, the clocks of satellite are slowed down by that much time every year. Similarly as you approach a black hole the time begins to slow down and as you enter a black hole time completely stops………

The essential argument in favor of existence of God is that all events are consequence of some other event/events. For instance the rivers are consequence of rains and melting snow both caused by condensation of water vapor. Vapor comes from ocean getting heat from Sun and Sun gets heat from fusion of Hydrogen into Helium. Question is where does Hydrogen come from? It was created in the Big Bang. Who created Big Bang? No one!

According to Stephen Hawking, Big Bang happened on its own, no event or events influenced its occurrence. Why, because time did not exist before Big Bang and since no one can exists outside of space and time therefore no event occurred before it. Universe came into being on its own to begin time!

Dicey! Yes but think of it this way, ever seen a movie with frozen frames? What happens? Everything freezes, men/women and other animate objects are stuck in frozen time they become like Stones statues captured in frozen time. They stop being living things…That’s what it means…there was no time before Big bang.

har zarra(h) chamakta hai, anwaar e ilaahi se
har saaNs ye kahti hai ham haiN to KHuda bhi hai

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