Thursday, October 17, 2013

G R A V I T Y: A Review

I don’t go out to watch movies; it is too much work and often a bout of déjà vu for I have seen too many of them in my hay-days. So went to see G R A V I TY primarily because all the critics were unanimous with their superlative reviews. It turned out to be a case of déjà vu, I had been there, seen it all in parts to make it whole. It is not really science-fiction deep in future but a case of contemporary narrative albeit in outer space. The 3D effects are mindboggling, attention to details in outer space accurate and production values the very best. Yet I was not swayed. I hear people are making beeline for repeat views, beats me! I am really foxed.

Years back there was a movie ‘Yadein’, it had one actor (Sunil Dutt) and one set and long monologues with other voices. It won Grand Prix at Berlin festival. I found it clichéd; this movie also has more or less one set but two actors and no story. It is one slick Discovery channel disaster documentary and after a while, when the special effects wear you out, boring.

I even found one incident jarring and it happens to be the pivotal event in the narrative. You see in space there is no effective gravity therefore nothing exerts constant pull except constant thrust from nozzles. In this case Sandra Bullock was entangled in loose cables while George Clooney was attached her through a long strap. Now here is the problem, George says cut me off the strap I am pulling you away from the cables. There is no effective constant force like gravity out there space therefore how was he pulling her away?
My rating ***  

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