Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Don Quixote in AAP

I just viewed 18 demands AAP has placed on BJP and Congress to acquiesce before they would deign to form government. I can’t but agree with the Congress and BJP that this is appalling arrogance. Somehow I get the impression that these fellows are now developing cold feet. The nitty-gritty of governance is complex where linear logic doesn’t work. Small steps first, gather some confidence and then think about making bold changes. Those well entrenched would not surrender their turf without fight so some cajoling, some stick and some innovative tricks and tact will be needed to handle the obstinate bureaucracy. The dynamics of working of society is dicey to say the least therefore idealistic stance and reality are divergent trajectories.

They should focus on limited purpose and that is the mandate they have received. Focus on smoothening administration and public interface(the cause of inefficiency and public harassment), hold public servants accountable, limit corruption to minimum and make the administration look like it is punishing offenders; if they can do this, three quarter of the battle is over. Anything beyond this will be bonus but some of the demands they put forward are sure recipe for disaster like free houses for slum dwellers (Even if they succeed in building houses they will be sold for profit the very next day), 30% reduction electricity tariff makes no sense unless theft is reduced to zero. If economic policies make no sense then there will be no investment, we have West Bengal a glaring example of turning into ghost state during Marxist rule. 

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