Thursday, March 5, 2015

Sting, Deception, Conspiracy, Threats and Palace Intrigue..... The farce that has become Aam Aadmi Party

I knew Kejriwal to be a stubborn, snooty individual but never imagined he would turn out to be a pathological hater. AAP professes to root out corruption from our polity but are means not equally important as ends are, like Gandhi said? The way drama in AAP unfolding it resembles court of Elizabeth; of brewing conspiracies, deceptions, and sting operations almost all means employed in palace politics.

AAP now in every way resembles an oligarchy centered around Kejriwal where all means are fair to not just snuff out opposition but crush it permanently. Not even Mulayam-Mayawati duet comes close. There is striking similarity between AAP and Congress party drama about their Chiefs resigning and the associated coterie rejecting it and the farcical charade of chief reluctantly acceding to it and taking back the resignation....

Up to a point these machinations are acceptable as political means but what is unacceptable is unleashing vendetta on personal basis

Is it beginning of the end may be not but more turbulence just round the corner.

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