Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Mother Teresa And Mohan Bhagwat.

Is there anything wrong in serving and trying to convert people from other folds into your own? Does it matter if the motive of Mother Teresa in serving people was to convert them into Christianity? She was merely following her religion faithfully, can you fault with that? Christianity and also Islam exhort their followers to bring faith to those who are not in their fold so a good Christian necessarily tries to convert others.  Mohan Bhagwat wants Christians to abandon their faith just because Hindus don't believe in conversion. It is not the fault of Christianity that Hindus don’t believe in conversion. Jews don’t believe in conversion so do Zoroastrians and they are in much less numbers than Hindus but they don’t feel insecure about it and have no issue with conversion!

In any case how does her lifetime’s work of serving less privileged is discounted merely because it was packaged with a dose of Conversion. We all act with some purpose, it is our driving force else we would be sitting idle in our place and waste away. Mohan Bhagwat is also acting with some purpose; it is his insecurity driving him about a false sense of a glorious and ancient religion in imminent peril. He is a like a delusional man clapping hard at a busy crossing when asked why he is doing it, says,
”I am driving away wild elephants”.
“But there aren’t any elephants in hundred miles!”
“See, how effective I am!”   

   Mother Teresa may have many faults, following her religion faithfully was certainly not one of them. When insecure pigmies are provided centre stage and are confused with great leaders, fascism couldn’t be far away.  

Let Mohan Bhagwat work with destitutes and lepers, tend sick and invalids over sustained periods then may be utter some nonsense about what it means to serve..    

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