Monday, November 16, 2015

Fear Of Not Dying ........

When I was a child I used think the old fellows near sixty years must be leading miserable lives. The idea of death was terrifying to me but thankfully being young I assumed its happening to me was extremely unlikely therefore it did not touch me. But I thought old folks must be living in mortal fear of death happening to them anytime. Seeing them smile and having fun and generally going about their lives in usual manner surprised me. 

Now that I am past sixty death really doesn't terrify me. Now I live in present moment by moment thinking everyday I live is a bonus but what frightens me is NOT dying. The thought that I will live on and on and not die when I am fit and enjoying life terrifies me. Eventually my organs will fail me one by one this state doesn't appeal to me. I believe death is a terminus, cessation of existence therefore when I am gone nothing would matter and that really sets my mind at peace. 

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