Friday, February 20, 2015

Is consciousness creation of our mind?

When we think we hear our thoughts, the sequence of logic and the confabulation that goes on in our head similarly when we read we hear ourselves reading. Without language complex thinking is not possible therefore hearing our thoughts is logical consequence of thinking. I think our wise ancestors (Now this is pure speculation) created concept of “Atman” or soul, something abstract quite not us but residing within the body due to this off shoot of thinking.

But often we make choices in split seconds for example if someone asks us to give opinion on some issue we come up with a point of view without going through visible sequence of logic to arrive at that choice or opinion; our mind merely hands down a decision to us thereafter we spend all energy to defend that choice. Not just that when we defend that opinion (called rationalization) we readily throw up arguments in favour of that choice or opinion obviously the choice made by our mind was not randomly picked but a lot of parallel processing went into making that choice without the knowledge of our conscious self therefore we are able to pick up arguments in that opinion’s favour. This entire game of thinking has no visibility where as leisured thinking is clearly visible to our conscious self. So what do we make of this?

Is consciousness a creation of our mind or does it transcend our Mind, brain and body!

I think when we will have machines with artificial intelligence capable of emulating human mind we will know if the these machines become self aware if they do, consciousness is a product of thinking process else it is transcends lives ..............

May be Buddha really was right.  

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