Monday, February 23, 2015

May be occult is not all that fanciful ......

Science works sensibly only in the middle ground; at the extremes it is as irrational as occult and spiritualism.  At microscopic level the classical laws of science break down, the laws are less intuitive and reality is like concept of Maya. At atomic size level particles behaves as if they have a mind of their own. A particle can exist at several places at the same time until you pin it down by observing it this is because it behaves like a wave when not observed and particle when observed. Bizarre as it may seem but it is found to be true. Also a particle can go back in time to fit into observed reality as confirmed in double slit experiment; in addition it can borrow energy from future to cross impossible wall like barrier called quantum tunnelling and then there is particle entanglement where apparently disconnected particle separated by any amount of space behave as if they are connected.  Why this amazingly bizarre behavior of subatomic particles does not translate into macroscopic level? it is because we don’t deal with single particles but trillions of them collectively and trillions of them collectively behave sensibly  because they average out the quirkiness.

At astronomical scale too science becomes bizarre where laws of classical physics don’t work. There is warping of space, wormholes, Black-holes, Dark matter and Dark energy which like quantum mechanics are still in the realm mystery. Seems like empty space is really not empty but brimming with dark energy, the more the empty space the more dark energy it contains and this energy is  repulsive kind unlike gravitational glue it pushes galaxies away from each other. So expansion of Universe is not slowing down but acceleration because expansion creates more empty space therefore more dark energy.

So what is reality? If the sense of hard matter is an illusion then concept of Maya and all ervading consciousness of Brahman appears a good idea.

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